Why the Blood Moon?

     You may be wondering why I chose to name my earring shop after the blood moon.  Let's first investigate on what exactly is a blood moon.

     A blood moon occurs when there is a total lunar eclipse, meaning that the sun, the Earth and the moon are perfectly aligned.  Instead of reflecting the sun's golden light, the moon takes on a reddish glow caused by the only light that reaches the moon filtered through the Earth's atmosphere.  Particles in our atmosphere scatter the light and since blue rays scatter more widely than red, we get that rosy hue on the moon.

     It is a relatively rare event, such that it only occurs about twice every three years. It just so happens that as I was creating this site, I looked up the date of the next blood moon which was May 16, 2022 - a perfect day to launch the site. Call it kismet, if you will.


     As a little girl, I remember watching the cult-classic Practical Magic starring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock.  A classic witch-y tale based on a spell-binding book (see what I did there?). 

     At one point, Nicole Kidman's character points out that there is "blood on the moon" - which didn't exactly sound like a good thing.  Upon my own research, I found that the blood moon is a sign of change and renewal through a rebirth of sorts.  It signifies a time to get on with new endeavors and creative projects.  It is also a time of self-reflection and a time to recognize those feelings inside you that may be hidden. Now, these are generalized meanings but you get the idea.

     I am a sucker for symbolism and have always felt a connection to the moon. To me, the blood moon means that I am acknowledging those hidden feelings and desires and bringing them to light.  I am embarking on this new journey and I am so excited to share it with you.