Meet the Maker

Welcome and many blessings! My name is Katrina (but everyone calls me Kat) and I am the owner and maker of Blood Moon Earrings.
     I started making jewelry at a very young age with my grandmother.  I used to spend every weekend with my grandparents growing up.  My grandma and I would stay up late and she would teach me all sorts of crafts from painting to porcelain (where my love of clay came from) to crocheting.  She really shaped me into the maker that I am today. 
     Jewelry making is where I found my home.  I loved coming up with new and fun designs but felt limited to the beads and pieces that were available.  I decided that I would take up clay and learn how to make my own beads.  Making beads led to making pendants and all sorts of other doodads. I then started working with resin to expand on the types of focal pieces I could create for my jewelry. I used to make all sorts of pieces - necklaces, bracelets, rings - you know, the staples to anyone's jewelry box. 
     It wasn't until I was getting ready to marry the woman of dreams that I realized how much I loved making earrings specifically. As I was doing all of the usual dress and accessory shopping, I could not find a pair of earrings that I wanted to wear on my special day.  Instead, I decided to make them (the morning of my wedding day by the way, haha!) and felt so joyous that I made earrings that truly spoke to me to walk down the aisle with.  I have been focused on making earrings ever since and I have never felt such creative passion as I do now.
Here are some personal facts about me:
  • I am married to the most amazing woman who I am so proud to call my wife and best friend.  We have three adorable (and annoying at times) cats that we love to mess with and can't wait to start a family. 
  • I am a high school mathematics teacher.  Nine years and counting - pray for me.
  • My favorite past-times besides making earrings are dancing and roller-skating.  I am currently working on my roller disco moves and plan on installing a skate ramp in my backyard!
  • I have been dancing ballet since I was 9 and have picked up flamenco for the past several years.
  • I change my hair color often and collect tattoos. 
  • My favorite cartoon will forever be Sailor Moon although I tend to have the Little Mermaid on repeat while working in my studio. 
  • I love all things magical as is evident by the types of earrings that I make.

     If you made it this far, I want to thank you for taking the time to read about my humble shop and about me.  I hope you enjoy the things I make and feel free to drop me a line with any questions or comments in the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the home page.