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Purple Daisy Earrings

Purple Daisy Earrings

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Hoop Material

Daisies - but in shades of purple!

Did you know that the name daisy comes from its Old English name "day's eye" which was later shortened to how we call it today. This could be a reference to the fact that daisies bloom during the day and then close in the evening. I find it interesting, that we do the exact same thing - we sleep during the night and open our eyes to begin a new day.

The daisy also represents the sun, not just for the reason mentioned before but also due to its appearance. The sun is a symbol of power and strength as it shines even after a rainstorm. For this reason, the daisy is said to be a symbol of hope after misfortune.

There are many other meanings of the daisy - cheerfulness, innocence, and true love to name a few - that I recommend you look up, but I assure you, none of them are negative. They are such happy little flowers that would add a joyful touch to any outfit.

  • Flowers are made of polymer clay and coated in resin to ensure longevity
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Assembled using nickel-free hoops


  • Length (including hoop): 2.5in/6.25cm
  • Diameter of flower: 1.8in/4.5cm


polymer clay, resin, nickle-free hoops


Dimensions are listed in the description above. Measurements are taken at the widest part for each dimension.

Care information

You can clean your earrings with baby/make-up wipes or a lint free jewelry cloth.

Do not let them sit in excessive heat or under the sun for extended periods of time.

Avoid showering with them for longer wear time.

Do not store near moisture, oils or perfumes.

Don't bend excessively or allow heavy objects to sit on them.

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