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Ghost Slither Snake Earrings

Ghost Slither Snake Earrings

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Have you ever seen what remains after a snake has shed its skin? It can be an odd sight and looks like a transparent shell of the snake, a ghost of their past self. This imagery is exactly what inspired these earrings.

Snakes must shed in order to grow. Their shed skin serves as a symbol of their transformation, remnants of their past.

We all have metaphorical shed skin. Throughout our lives, we must discard pieces of ourselves such as bad habits and traits that hold us back from growing into the best version of ourselves. This is probably the greatest lesson we can receive from the snake. Whatever is keeping you from growing, healing, and moving forward, let it go and shed away to make room for a new and better you.

  • Snakes are made of resin to ensure longevity
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Assembled using raw brass findings
  • Hooks are gold toned and nickel free.


  • Length: 3in/7.5cm
  • Width: 0.8in/2cm


resin, raw brass, nickel-free earring hooks


Dimensions are listed in the description above. Measurements are taken at the widest part for each dimension.

Care information

You can clean your earrings with baby/make-up wipes or a lint free jewelry cloth.

Do not let them sit in excessive heat or under the sun for extended periods of time.

Avoid showering with them for longer wear time.

Do not store near moisture, oils or perfumes.

Don't bend excessively or allow heavy objects to sit on them.

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